simple [modern] sassy Photography By. Sandra Skogen | Lauryn -Peninsula High School- Class of 2018

Lauryn -Peninsula High School- Class of 2018

February 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I don't know if I've mentioned it lately but, I LOVE SENIORS! I love working with young adults, capturing their unique style and looks.  They're so full of life & dreams & energy and it's just contagious!  They're willing to try something different, be silly, and in a quick second, become serious and pensive.  Well Lauryn, was all of this & then some! 

I met with Lauryn & her mom back in the fall to discuss Lauryn's session.  They wanted to bounce ideas off of me & also, hear my own ideas.  We discussed some of my favorite locations that seemed to fit Lauryn's vision and then chatted about her style.  I personally think we nailed every aspect of this session.  Four different  locations provided unique backdrops & gorgeous lighting...I was thrilled with the outcome and had such and amazing time, laughing & talking about life--the present & future...because that's what this is all about.




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