Session Details

I enjoy the time that I spend with my clients and their families... I treat each session very personally, trying to understanding the unique dynamics/personalities that each individual/family possess and capturing this through photographs.

We can go with a more relaxed session where laughing, giggling, tickling, hugging, and loving are captured or we can do a more formal & timeless style. Even better, a little of both. 

Once you've chose to work with me, we will discuss via in-person meeting, email or phone, location(s), wardrobe choices and I'll answer any questions you might have.


More details...

[Session Location]  Many times my clients want me to choose the location of their session because of course, I've shot at a variety of locations.  However, I never like to choose the location because it's not my session. Rather, I ask my clients to think about the style they're envisioning.  So questions to ask yourself are, am I wanting something timeless, formal, traditional, relaxed or trendy?  In other words, is a park setting with manicured lawns what you're looking for, maybe a park-like setting that's a bite more organic, overgrown & earthy, a beach (because seriously, a beach setting on a warm summer evening is just perfect), or are you looking for something more edgy & modern?  I promise that whichever location style you choose, I will provide you with beautiful, amazing location choices that will not disappoint!

[What to wear?]  So once we've (you) have narrowed down location, it's time to decide on clothing choices.  Your location choice will play a role in the style & color scheme that you choose.  I will definitely provide ideas & give input when asked.  I just want all involved to feel comfortable and confident.  The only things I ever steer my clients away from are big, busy prints/patterns, bright neon colors, white socks (pet-peeve!), and twinning outfits---when everyone wears the same style of pants and same color shirts, I want to see individualism!  But in all honesty, for families, I always tell Mom to choose her outfit first and then go from there.  When Mom is looking & feeling her best, everything & everyone else seems to just fall into place.  As the old saying goes, when Mom's happy, everyone's happy! :)

[Session Time]  Do you get to choose your session time or do I?  Well, this all depends on the type of session.  Anything indoor, I usually suggest mid-day times as that's usually the brightest time of the day.  If we're shooting an outdoors, the session will be held either in the AM (finishing before or by 11AM) or later in the day (about 1-2hrs before sunset).  I prefer to shoot in the late afternoons/evenings because it provides the warmest, most beautiful lighting. You may hear me refer to it as Golden Hour because the lighting is most definitely golden in color.